Is about doing more with less:

Is about Less time, inventory, space, people, & money.

Is about speed and getting it right the first time.

Is about eliminating waste.

About Syncomech

Companies operating in today's manufacturing environment, are likely to have strategies based on objectives such as improving quality, increasing flexibility to meet customers' individual requirements, reducing manufacturing lead times and delivery times, reducing inventories and unit costs.
To help achieve these objectives, strategies such as just-in-time (IIT), lean manufacturing, 5’s, and continuous improvement are often applied,

We, Syncomech is an independent Malaysia based company, specialising in the synchronization of material handling flow from production process to warehousing process, by implementing a simple and flexible mechanism.

With our standard part and component, a number of applications can be designed and created, tailored to our valued client’s requirement, and application condition.
We are ready to work as a partner with our clients, to develop and implement a innovative design concept, in order to achieve the manufacturing objective.